The ballot is set for November 3

The ballot is set. There are more offices up for election, but here are the candidates for Board of Supervisors and School Board. The only ones unopposed are current School Board members Eric Hornberger, Jill Turgeon, and Brenda Sheridan. Everyone else has at least one opponent. 

There will be new blood in at least 5 positions as Blue Ridge Supervisor Janet Clarke, Broad Run Supervisor Shawn Williams, and Leesburg Supervisor Ken Reid chose not to run for reelection, along with At-Large School Board member Tom Reed and Catoctin School Board member Jennifer Bergel. 

This list comes from the Loudoun County Board of Elections. It shows how the names will appear on your ballot as well as the order:

Board of Supervisors
Chairman, Board of Supervisors – 
Thomas E. Bellanca
Charlie L. King
Phyllis J. Randall
Scott K. York
Member, Board of Supervisors: Algonkian District – 
Andrew D. Resnick
Suzanne M. Volpe
Member, Board of Supervisors: Ashburn District – 
Ralph M. Buona
Mike R. Turner
Member, Board of Supervisors: Blue Ridge District – 
Tony R. Buffington, Jr.
Richard A. Jimmerson, Jr.
Member, Board of Supervisors: Broad Run District – 
Ronald A. ‘Ron’ Meyer, Jr.
Al R. Nevarez
Member, Board of Supervisors: Catoctin District – 
Craig M. Green
Geary M. Higgins
Member, Board of Supervisors: Dulles District – 
Anjan S. Chimaladinne
Matthew F. Letourneau
Member, Board of Supervisors: Leesburg District – 
William A. ‘Will’ Estrada
Kristen C. Umstattd
Member, Board of Supervisors: Sterling District – 
Eugene A. Delgaudio
Koran T. Saines

School Board
Member, School Board: At-Large – 
Beth A. Huck
Stephan F. Knobloch
Member, School Board: Algonkian District – 
Ryan A. Myers
Debbie K. Rose
Member, School Board: Ashburn District – Eric D. Hornberger
Member, School Board: Blue Ridge District – Jill A. Turgeon
Member, School Board: Broad Run District – 
Kevin J. Kuesters
Joy R. Maloney
Member, School Board: Catoctin District – 
Eric J. DeKenipp
Dusty Sparrow Reed
Member, School Board: Dulles District – 
Jeffrey E. Morse
Kenya Amira Savage
Member, School Board: Leesburg District – 
William D. ‘Bill’ Fox
Tom C. Marshall
Nels A. P Pearsall
Member, School Board: Sterling District – Brenda L. Sheridan

When you go to the polls, you will be able to vote for the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, the At-Large member of the School Board, and the Supervisor and School Board member for your particular district. To see the district for your address, you can go to http://www.loudoun.gov/index.aspx?NID=2782, where you can also zoom and pan and see which districts your friends live in. You can verify or update your voter registration or register to vote here:

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