WE DID IT!!!! (almost)

Last night, Board of Supervisors chairman Scott York made a motion to fully fund the schools budget. It passed 6-3!!!

The final vote is April 1. Send an email to loudounbudget@loudoun.gov thanking the 6 supervisors who voted for it: Scott York, Janet Clarke, Shawn Williams, Matt Letourneau, Ralph Buona, and Geary Higgins.

While you're thanking people, give yourself a pat on the back. The 6 supervisors said that there were several reasons they supported full funding his year. They mentioned new Superintendent Dr. Williams being more cooperative and transparent as well as the size of the increase being reasonable. Clearly, that played a big part.

But they didn't mention the one thing that we all know: the people spoke and they decided it was finally a good time to listen. Last year was a build up to this year. It was clear the Board of Supervisors went into this budget season wanting to avoid a repeat of the punishment they took from their actions last year. Some of the School Board got the message as well, distancing themselves from last year's unanimously passed School Board budget request to help take some blame off the Board of Supervisors. We started something last year and this year we finished it.

If you sent an email, made a phone call, spoke at a public hearing, spoke privately to your supervisors, invited them to your schools...you are all part of this. After you thank the supervisors, take a second and remember what we did together. Thank you!!!

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  1. I quite honestly believe that NONE of this would have happened had you not been so diligent and persistent in keeping our community throughly informed about everything that happened, as it happened. It has been journalism at its finest – a much-needed alternative to what we had (or had not) before. Thank you!