I am SOS Loudoun

My name is Joy Maloney and I am Support Our Schools - Loudoun. 

I write all of these updates, the Facebook and Google+ posts, and the tweets. I speak to our elected officials and their staff at the Board of Supervisors and School Board meetings, at the public hearings, after the meetings one-on-one, on the telephone, and by email in support of our schools. I am the person who has been keeping you updated on the budget process for the past two years and urging you to become and remain involved. 

Many people already know that I am behind this effort, but I chose to remain anonymous to keep the focus on the issues and not the messenger. Today, I am speaking out because I need your support. 

I intend to run for School Board representing the Broad Run district this November. We need to make a change for the best for our kids, our schools, and our community. You can learn more at http://www.joymaloney.com.

This doesn't close the book on Support Our Schools - Loudoun. I hope that the April 1 vote is just a formality, and the schools' budget will be fully funded. I will continue to keep you informed. As you might expect, I will be communicating more through my campaign in the months ahead. In any case, I hope you know that my commitment to making our schools the best for our kids and our community is now and has always been my driving goal. 

Thank you as always for your support.

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