Back to School Part II: What We Gained

All was not lost in the budget fight for this school year. As we come back to school, we can celebrate the gains that the school system made with our encouragement. Three new schools opened, which helps at the schools nearby by reducing overcrowding: Cardinal Ridge Elementary, Trailside Middle, and Rock Ridge High.

More elementary school teachers were hired above and beyond that for enrollment growth with the intention of decreasing the average elementary school class size by 1 student.

The school system also invested in technology infrastructure improvements. This will be especially important as LCPS works towards its goal of every student having an Internet-connected device.

The schools will be paying their employees more as of November, too.  This will be the first step increase that teachers have received in 5 years. On average, the raise was 2 percent, but the salary scales were also restructured to be more fair, especially to mid-career teachers. (Compare the old vs. new salary scales.)

Your emails, speeches, signatures, and more were instrumental in getting these improvements made. Thank you.

What else have you noticed was improved? Share in the comments below.

Coming next...what we need.

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