Tell the School Board your priorities

The School Board is looking to cut $38 million from their proposed budget, barring a surprise Wednesday night at the final budget adoption meeting of the Board of Supervisors. As more information is received, the survey options may be updated. The School Board is hearing from the public Tuesday, April 1 at 6:30pm at Farmwell Station Middle School. Hopefully, this can help you gather your thoughts. If a large enough response is received, it will also be presented to the School Board prior to their final reconciliation vote.


  1. Please keep teacher raises! Close small schools, eliminate FLE teachers
    Don't hire the new admin positions (etc- gifted specialist)

  2. keep teacher raises. eliminate all new admin positions (ex- gifted specialist) in addition to above check list

  3. The Loudoun County School Board has been placed in what Trekkies would call a "Kobayashi Maru" (a no win situation) as a result of the Board of Supervisors holding to a "Grover Norquist-like pledge to hold the real estate tax rate at 1.155 (down from 1.30 in 2010).

    Our Catoctin Supervisor, Geary Higgins, has seen his taxes drop progressively from 2008 ($8,520.70) to 2013 ($5,643.62) on his Waterford home. I guess not all RE taxes are "spiraling out of control".

    As for what must be cut to accommodate this artificially BOS-made crisis in the school budget, until the next BOS election cycle, I believe core mission of the schools is education of our children, and to that end, we should not be increasing class sizes, laying off teachers, closing schools, until we have eliminated all extra-curricular activities -- then see how much more has to be chopped. ...And remember this budget cycle when you go to the ballot box at the next supervisor election