Leesburg Today gets it wrong

This Leesburg Today editorial gets it wrong.

There are cuts that hopefully can be avoided, but not by spreading the salary scale fix for our teachers and principals over 2-3 years. The School Board's budget includes a 3.9% average raise for employees. The County budget includes a 3% average raise ALONG with a 1.5% raise for those at the lowest and highest pay grades for county employees. Spreading the salary fix over 2-3 years after 5 years of no step increase and raises that haven't covered inflation and rises in healthcare premiums is flat out wrong and Leesburg Today's editors should know better.

Closing small schools is not punitive to the Board of Supervisors. It hurts the kids, parents, and employees of those schools. Just like ending bussing to TJ hurts those kids and parents and bus drivers. And ending summer school hurts kids who need it to keep up. Or not funding needed Special Education experts like school psychologists and occupational therapists hurts those parents and their kids who rely on those services. It goes on and on.

Here's School Board member Bill Fox's letter to the editor in response: http://www.leesburgtoday.com/opinion/letters/letter-bill-fox-leesburg/article_7c62bdd2-c3d8-11e3-8da3-0019bb2963f4.html

The glaring area where the School Board needs to do better is get a formal staff recommendation on how they would close the $38 million gap. Surely they know the areas of spending best.

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