Final cut list

The School Board unanimously adopted the proposed list of cuts to their budget last night with a $343,438 deficit left to resolve. Superintendent Hatrick asked them to let LCPS staff finish the final reconciliation and the School Board approved. Given the speed with which they were making changes, staff needs to go back over the numbers anyway to be sure the line items are all correct.

Speaking of that, the School Board was methodically making additions and removals to the cut list all night. With about $1 million left over in the budget, it seemed that the last two additions were meant to be keeping freshman sports and expanding full day kindergarten. However, just before that happened, LCPS staff said that they had made a mistake in calculating the savings from replacing ELL assistants with ELL teachers, and they needed to fix that. Once they did that, the leftover money was gone. Staff said that at this point, they could figure out how to reconcile the $80,000 cut needed. Then, Kevin Kuesters (Broad Run) moved to keep freshman sports. The motion passed and staff said they could still figure out how to cut the final $343,438. Jennifer Bergel then moved to expand full day kindergarten, but that would have added another $900,000 to the budget gap. It failed 3-6 (Sheridan, Bergel, Turgeon in favor). Sad.

By the end of the night, the final list was (please forgive any mistakes - we'll have the official final soon):

Proposed Cuts Unchanged - Will Happen

  1. Eliminate new tech reimbursement plan for teachers - $1,500,000
  2. Increase teaching load of MS SALTs (department chairs) - $900,000 (12 positions)
  3. Increase teaching load of HS department chairs by 1 class; still 1 less than other teachers - $840,000 (11.2 positions)
  4. Remove JV coaching stipends when team is not fielded - $613,000
  5. Eliminate math facilitators - $596,800 (8 positions)
  6. Remove all replacement buses from the budget - 30 school buses, 25 special education large buses, and 11 special education small buses - $7,073,600
  7. Eliminate expansion of full day kindergarten - $895,854 (14 positions)
  8. Eliminate summer school - $820,000
  9. Eliminate hiring new bus drivers - $587,700 (18 positions)
  10. Reduce new positions needed to maintain the level of service due to enrollment growth
    • School Psychologist $86,450 (1 position)
    • Educational Diagnostician $86,450 (1 position)
    • Social Worker $91,850 (1 position)
    • Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist $81,700 (1 position)
    • Speech Language Pathologist $83,100 (1 position)
    • Occupational Therapist $83,100 (1 position)
  11. Eliminate activity buses - $81,000
  12. Halt proposed Musical Theater magnet program
  13. Eliminate FLES and SAMS (Spanish for grades 1-6) - $2,461,800 (33 positions)
  14. Eliminate the 1:1 technology initiative expansion to Eagle Ridge and Sterling Middle Schools - $616,000
  15. Eliminate HS Deans - $149,200 (2 positions)
  16. Eliminate new elementary school language immersion program - $137,000 (3 positions)
  17. Delay the facility usage master plan - $600,000
  18. Eliminate new positions from Support Services -
    • Accounting Specialist $78,700 (1 position)
    • Environmental Specialist $63,800 (1 position)
    • Civil Engineering Coordinator $118,600 (1 position)
    • Telecommunications analyst $78,800 (1 position)
    • Resource Nurse $64,600 (1 position)
  19. Elimination of the new visitor management system for security - $400,000
  20. Reduce new positions in the central office:
    • GIS Specialist - Transportation. $67,200 (1 position)
    • Public Information Secretary $67,200 (1 position)
  21. Remove new Web developer position - $78,550 (1 position)
  22. Remove new position for a Gifted Education specialist - $112,200 (1 position)
  23. Consolidate Kindergarten Office with Elementary Education Office - $97,300 (0.5 position)
  24. Eliminate new Retirement and Disability Specialist - $67,800 (1 position)
  25. Reduction in legal fees from Superintendent's budget - $30,000

New cuts added last night - Will happen

  1. Eliminate all new vehicle replacements - $700,000
  2. Increase student fees for sports from $100 to $150 per sport  (TBD)
  3. Reduce secretaries' work year from 208 to 198 days - $144,000
  4. Reduce staffing at Hillsboro Elementary in line with expected charter proposal - $122,900 (2.5 positions)
  5. Eliminate new technology positions:
    • AV Technician $40,500
    • Computer Technician $136,250
    • Network Specialist $67,200
    • Technical Writer $74,600
    • Systems Specialist $67,200
    • Systems Engineer $78,550
    • Software Engineer $78,500
  6. Delay hiring one Assistant Principal for Rock Ridge High - $130,000
  7. Reduce planning, architectural and engineering budget - $300,000
  8. Eliminate new line items in Support Services - 
    • Automated door operator $209,000 
    • Maintenance Workers  $114,900
    • Vehicles for Maintenance workers $70,000
    • 3 dump trucks $435,000
    • 2 utility service truck with plow $100,000
  9. Reduce Pupil Services O&M $63,000 
  10. Reduce DTS O&M $340,000
  11. Reduce High School O&M $200,000
  12. Reduce Music O&M $50,000
  13. Reduce Technology Resource $50,000
  14. Eliminate Secretary in Pupil Services (existing position) $51,300

Modifications to cuts already on the list - will happen

  1. Delay proposed employee salary scale implementation and step increase until November 1, 2014. - $5.7 million (Changed from October to November to save $2.1 million)
  2. Eliminate K-12 Insight budget (performs community surveys) - $170,000 (Changed from reduced to eliminated to save $70,000)
  3. Reduce technology assistants, library assistants, middle school deans, and administrative interns depending on size of the school. - (savings & positions TBD) (Saved some half and full time positions based on enrollment)
  4. Reduce salaries for long-term substitutes to $154/day - $1,500,000 (Changed from $160 to $154 to save $100,000)
  5. Reduce ELL teacher assistants and increase teachers - $2,500,000 (Incorrect costing fixed by staff)

Cuts restored: (not going to happen)

  1. Eliminate specialized Family Life Education teachers (instead FLE would be taught by regular PE teachers) - $1,417,400 (19 positions)
  2. Elimination of 14 Assistant Athletic Directors - $1,307,500 (14 positions)
  3. Close the remaining four small schools (Hillsboro, Lincoln, Aldie, Hamilton) - $2,000,000
  4. Eliminate bus service to Thomas Jefferson HS - $390,000
  5. Eliminate Freshman sports - $260,000
  6. Eliminate the elementary school class size reduction the School Board added - $2,064,000 (14 positions)
Updated 4/23 8:50am to correct salary scale delay savings


  1. Education is the one thing that you cannot cut. Teachers, staff and all support groups are essential for maintaining the level of education students get. NOWHERE in there did I see a reduction in highly paid admin staff. Let's figure out the % that all these things go down and then hit everyone the boards and supervisors salaries with the same % cuts. Then listen to the squealing....

  2. Total salary implementation with delay is $5.7 million. The original delay to October was $3.6 million in savings and with the addition of another month to November, it would be another $2.1 million.

  3. It should be noted that you, SOSLoudoun, have done a Herculean job keeping all of us in Loudoun thoroughly informed about every step of this FY15 budget process with your detailed summaries, announcements of events, and play-by-play updates during public hearings. You have single-handedly outshone every one of our local news organizations, and despite your obvious "bias" have demonstrated a lot more journalistic integrity than any of the articles I've read in local papers and their online counterparts.

    Perhaps more important, you have deftly used social media resources to create and maintain connections between anyone interested in participating in this process. I honestly believe what you have done here could serve as a model for "social journalism", to coin a phrase.

    It may not be reasonable to ask this, but if you have it within you to continue doing something like this through the next (FY16) budget cycle and into the local elections, we may stand a chance of emerging from this with heads held high. If you cannot keep this up for whatever reason, you have already done much good, something we should not take for granted.

    Thank you.

  4. My son was supposed to go to summer school for reading help. Will there be no program now? Will he be held back instead? Who do I direct these questions to? Thank you!!!

    1. Start by talking with your school. It seems that all levels of summer school were eliminated except those required by law for special education. There will be online courses available for middle and high school. LCPS summer school info here: www.lcps.org/Domain/57

  5. $80k -- eliminate activity buses.

    So does this mean, if 2 parents work, kids can't stay after school -- basically?

  6. Supv. Turgeoun posted this clarification on Facebook:

    "Jennifer Andrews Flynn...You are absolutely correct. We did have to make some changes to our proposal. But keep in mind that the FDK proposal came from Ms. Sheridan (and I supported it) and not staff. I think they knew we couldn't afford it this year. I commend Ms. Sheridan for trying, however. Remember, this was for an expansion of the program...not to cut or eliminate what already exists. We DID expand it last year. The activity bus reductions are for HS only, and I believe that with school funds, those high-need areas may still be able to get some of those services. Summer school will remain for our special needs population. That did not get touched. Our online offerings were saved, so any student that needs a class can take in only for about the same cost as attending in person (which may be better for those with transportation concerns.) I was most concerned with the ELL aides, but I was assured that this proposal from staff (for the reduction) will help them move towards adding more ELL teachers and get the program in line with what is best for the students. I hope this helps explain some..."

  7. Chmn. Hornberger also posted a complete summary on his Facebook page.

  8. As a parent of a young child with special needs, I am outraged! My son comes home 1.5 hours after most Elementary school kids do because he is bused clear across the county to address his hearing loss. He has come home more than a few times come home after 5, because of bus issues. You are also eliminating an SLP AND and OT, both types of specialists which are used to help keep my son on par with his hearing peers. The caseloads of these specialists are already overloaded. A substitute has a hard enough job trying to replace valued teachers without having their salaries reduced. Do you know what quality you will get when you reduce that rate? How will they deal with the Special Needs of children like my son? I don't have a child who needs to go to Summer School yet, but I agree that this is also a gross neglect for those children in need of extra help. I filled out the survey sent out to parents, and think it is completely disgusting that children with IEP's or are struggling with education the most will be affected by poor decisions made by this Board.

  9. Why are we having to pay for bus service to TJHST?? That should not be something that we are keeping in the budget when other more important things are getting cut! Parents who are sending their kids there should be finding transportation for it.

  10. Does the elimination of summer school include ESY (Extended School Year)?

  11. Why is no one talking about ELL? They are not going to add more ELL teachers (as someone said above). They reduced the staff from 114 to 19! I think that this is preposterous, the fact that no one is protesting for these kids. LCPS purposely cut ELL in a slick move, because they knew that not one person would challenge their motives. On the contrary, my friends and I are working to restore at least some of the ELL program. These kids need help and teachers to guide them; they are not able to integrate into school as easily as some may think. Please sign this petition if you believe in giving ELL kids a chance: http://www.change.org/petitions/loudoun-county-school-board-restore-ell-education-in-loudoun?share_id=ADocrTRuou&utm_campaign=share_button_action_box&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition