Well, that didn't work...now what?

It's disappointing to say the least that the Board of Supervisors completely ignored the Superintendent, the School Board,  the LCPS employees, and most of all, their constituents (us) these past 6 months. It's likely that this funding amount is set, but here are some ideas for a continued grass roots reaction. Of course, there's only 12 days until the budget is officially finalized on April 2. Send any more ideas to info@sosloudoun.org or post them on Facebook or Twitter or in the comments below. Let's try to add to the list.

  1. Call your supervisors. Again. Email them. Send them letters. All contact info is here.
  2. Ask your supervisors to meet with you and a constituent group (PTA, HOA, Soccer team, etc.).
  3. Contact an influential person you know (Loudoun Chamber of Commerce's Tony Howard? Telos' John Wood? Redskins' Robert Griffin III?). Ask them to lobby your supervisor to consider increasing the schools budget.
  4. Call your friends to gather for coffee or drinks. Come up with more ideas.
  5. --your great idea here--

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  1. Here's something we could do: keep these issues as close to the forefront of people's minds as possible until the election. Don't let it fade away from public consciousness. Continue writing letters to editors and commenting on others. Continue posting comments on blogs. Continue speaking publicly. Continue being diligent.

    Things that could be done:

    - Take Mr. Letourneau's specific suggestions[*] about what to spend where in the LCPS budget, go through the line items for those parts of the budget, and recommend to the School Board exactly what to cut. What unintended consequences would obtain?
    - Pay careful attention to the reconciliation process and continue contributing your analyses to the School Board.
    - Use publicly-available information to get a better idea about exactly who saved how much money with the decision to go with the equalized tax rate. Does this tell us anything?
    - Continue appearing at BOS pubic sessions to speak – as if the decision had not been made, if necessary. Let them know you refuse to be ignored.
    - Find more compelling ways to measure the public's will, e.g. with a statistically valid survey (vs. voluntary survey responses). Prove that this was the will of the people and not just a vocal minority. (Or if it turns out otherwise, figure out how to persuade more people through better understanding.)
    - Volunteer to work for BOS candidates who would do better by the schools at the next election. VOTE. And get others to vote.
    - Find ways to communicate appreciation for teachers' and other LCPS employees' continued loyalty. Thank a teacher. If you're a parent, try to get more involved with your school. Join the PTO/PTA. We don't want good people leaving LCPS before we can fix this.

    By the way, I happen to respect a lot of what our BOS has done in Loudoun. I don't doubt that it is a very difficult job. I don't agree with everything they have done, however, they have a great responsibility in a complex and developing economic climate. BOS replacements would also need to be competent in many ways other than supporting the schools.

    [*] https://www.facebook.com/sosloudoun/posts/10152253369050053