Let's recap

The Board of Supervisors voted last night to keep the equalized tax rate of $1.155 in a vote of 5-3-1 (York, Letourneau, Williams, Higgins, Buona in favor, Delgaudio & Volpe (they wanted less) and Clarke (she wanted more?) against and Mr. Reid absent). The proposed county transfer to LCPS is approximately $38 million less than the School Board's budget request. Let's recap how we got here:

  • June 28, 2013 - The LCPS FY2014 Appropriated Budget projects an FY2015 budget of $911.3 million assuming a 3% average salary increase and 2.2% enrollment growth, with $592.3 million of that needed from the county.
  • September 10, 2013 - The Board of Supervisors Finance Committee (Reid, Williams, Letourneau, York, and Buona) votes 5-0 to recommend the BoS direct the County Administrator to prepare a budget at the equalized tax rate and an option at two cents below the equalized rate. It's expected this will not cover the proposed budget for LCPS FY2015.
  • January 7, 2014 - Superintendent Hatrick proposes an LCPS budget of $952.4 million based on 3.4% enrollment growth, with $641.2 million of that needed from the county. $32 million is proposed for fixing the salary scales.
  • January 15 - The Finance Committee of the Board of Supervisors recommends keeping the final fiscal guidance as set in September. Members state that although it would be $40 million less than Dr. Hatrick's proposed budget, they expect the School Board budget to come in at much less.
  • February 6 - The County Administrator, with the Board of Supervisors' consent, advertises a tax rate of $1.215, which would fully fund the LCPS proposed budget, but proposes a county budget within the initial fiscal guidance of an equalized $1.155 tax rate. He proposes $599.1 million in county transfer to LCPS.
  • February 6 - The School Board, after a month of public hearings and work sessions, adopts a budget request of $949.7 million, with $638.5 million in county transfer, cutting approximately $10 million from Dr. Hatrick's request and adding in $7 million in other initiatives. $28.9 million is proposed for fixing the salary scale at an average 3.9% increase.
  • March 20 - The Board of Supervisors, after a month of public hearings and work sessions, preliminarily votes to give the schools the $1.6 million that is left of their unallocated revenue at the $1.155 equalized tax rate in addition to the original proposed amount for a total $600.7 million county transfer, $38 million less than the School Board's request.

Supervisor Geary Higgins (Catoctin) said it best at the meeting last night:
“This motion brings us in within the guidelines that we set forth at the beginning of this process. We have done what we said we were going to do, and this makes it happen.”


  • April 2 - The Board of Supervisors adopts the final budget.
  • Month of April - The School Board reconciles their budget.

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