Finding $38 million in cuts

We've seen what the Board of Supervisors suggests as their broad-based ideas for $38 million in reductions in the School Board's proposed budget. Looking at the public record, we can get some idea of how the School Board, who will make the actual decisions, might find that $38 million.

School Board members have been making public statements about items in the budget they'd look at if they have to make cuts from their proposed budget. Some of these have not been costed yet, but they are:
  • Lay off teachers
  • Reduce salary increases
  • Reduce Spanish instruction in grades 1-6 (FLES/SAMS)
  • Close small schools
  • Eliminate the proposed technology device reimbursement for teachers: $1.5 million
  • Eliminate the proposed 1:1 initiative expansion at Eagle Ridge Middle School and Sterling Middle School: $616,000
  • Eliminate the proposed expansion of full-day kindergarten: $895,854
  • Delay needed bus replacements
  • Further reduce transportation costs
  • Reduce athletics and other co-curricular activities
  • Eliminate specialized Family Life Education teachers
  • Eliminate freshman sports
  • Reduce the proposed technology support staff
  • Eliminate the proposed reduction of elementary class sizes: $7.1 million
  • Eliminate the proposed Performing Arts Magnet pilot: $49,533
  • Freeze administrative hiring

The questions the School Board has asked of LCPS staff during the budget process so far also gives some hints. School Board members have asked for the amount of cost savings of the following:
  • Raise class size average in MS by 1: $1.8 million
  • Raise class size average in HS by .5: $1 million
  • Eliminate extra planning periods for middle school subject area lead teachers: $900,000
  • Eliminate stipends for middle school SALTs: $69,000
  • Eliminate middle school deans: $3.8 million
  • Provide a 1% salary increase over the current salary scale instead of the proposed salaries: $22.6 million
    Cap the proposed salary increases at 5%: $5.9 million
  • Eliminate extra planning periods for high school department heads: $840,000
  • Eliminate stipends for high school department heads: $415,800
  • Eliminate all stipends for co-curricular activities such as coaching, sponsoring activities, and taking on additional responsibilities: $3,952,817
Once the schools' funding amount is finalized by the Board of Supervisors, expected to be on April 2, the School Board will direct LCPS staff to propose reductions to the budget. They will receive public input and then adopt their final budget.

Contact the Board of Supervisors now to let them know these reductions are unacceptable.

School Board member Kevin Kuesters Facebook post
School Board member Eric Hornberger Facebook post
School Board member Brenda Sheridan Facebook post
February 11 School Board meeting
School Board budget questions asked after budget adoption
School Board budget questions asked prior to budget adoption

Updated 8:06am with more known costs

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