What do I say?

You're thinking of speaking in front of the Board of Supervisors and wondering what to say. Here's some ideas to help out.

- Identify yourself as a Loudoun County taxpayer and voter.
- Address your Supervisor directly. 
- If you have or will have kids in LCPS, say where they go to school. 
- Tell the Board you want the budget fully funded. 
- Mention ideas how to pay for it: maintain or raise the tax rate, reprioritize spending, etc.
- If you're willing to pay more in taxes to fund the schools, let them know. (See the Tax Calculator http://www.sosloudoun.org/2014/02/how-much-are-we-talking-about.html for exact numbers that you can relate.) 
- Consider a gimmick. Sing a song, recite a poem, have your child speak. Feel free to exercise creativity. 
- Try a positive take. Most of the Board has expressed their support for our schools at some point. Find a comment you liked and let them know. Help them know it's ok to do the right thing. 
- Mention ways the School Board has addressed BOS concerns from the past two years: cutting benefit costs, reducing bus routes, conducting a search for a new superintendent.
- Remember you have two minutes. It's not a lot of time. Time your comments once or twice. 
- After the hearing, send your comments to your supervisor and cc: loudounbudget@loudoun.gov reminding them what you said. 

Add any tips of your own in the comments!

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