URGENT: Speak to the Board of Supervisors TONIGHT (1/15)

The Finance Committee met last night and heard an update on the fiscal situation for FY2015 from the County Administrator. The good news: there's $31 million in new revenue for the schools with the equalized tax rate. The bad news: the committee didn't adjust the fiscal guidance in any way, and scoffed at times at the notion of going above a flat rate. 

It's clear that the committee members have seen your emails and heard your phone calls -- Supervisor Reid openly worried about leaving too little to fund the schools -- but it hasn't been enough.  Tonight is the last Board of Supervisors Business Meeting before they will direct the administrator to advertise the tax rate. Once that rate is advertised, it can only be decreased. It's a cap. That vote is expected on February 5, AFTER the School Board has proposed their budget and BEFORE public comment at that meeting. Tonight, then, seems to be the only time to address the BoS in person to let them know you support an investment in our schools.

Sorry for the late notice, but if you can make it, please do. The meeting is held at the Loudoun County Government Center at 1 Harrison St, SE in Leesburg. Call (703) 777-0200 by noon today to sign up to speak or sign up in person at the meeting by 6pm. Bring a friend!

Thursday night (1/16) is the first School Board public hearing on the budget. Tuesday night (1/21) is the second and final School Board public hearing on the budget. The Finance Committee last night expressed confidence that the School Board budget will come in at the equalized rate or below, which would be cutting $55 million from the Superintendent's proposed budget. You can still work to prove them wrong by speaking at one of the School Board public hearings as well.

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