Great turnout, keep it up!

What a great turnout tonight at the Board of Supervisors meeting. Thanks to all who came! Shout out to all the teachers - please keep coming - but now we need more of the parents, taxpayers, business owners, and community leaders to join them! (Granted, it was short notice.) Hopefully, you're already planning to attend the School Board Budget Public Hearings on Thursday, January 16 and/or Tuesday, January 21. Both are at 6:30pm at the School Administration Building in Ashburn. Sign up to speak by calling (571) 252-1020 in advance or register at the door prior to 6:30pm. 

At the meeting tonight, most if not all of the Supervisors told us they support education and understand how hard teachers are working. They want us to let the School Board know what we want funded, and then they'll look at that budget request along with the rest of the county budget beginning on February 5. 

Supervisor York wanted to make it clear that although the tax rate will be advertised based on the County Administrator's budget presentation February 5, they will be willing to re-advertise a new rate in order to go above that advertised tax rate.

The message was clear that we now need to get the School Board to pass a budget that funds what we really want for our schools regardless of any preliminary fiscal guidance the Board of Supervisors has given. Once we get that done, we need to go back to the Board of Supervisors and tell them to fund it. It's a slow process, but we will show that Loudoun supports our schools.

P.S. If you can't make the public hearings, please remember to call or email your representatives with your thoughts.  Actually, please do this even if you can make the public hearings.

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