Action Alert: Tax Rate

This past week Superintendent Hatrick presented his proposed budget to the School Board. It calls for a 13% increase over last year. The Board of Supervisors had asked for no increase. If all of the budget gap was covered by an increase in property taxes, that would require a increase in the current tax rate by about 5.5 cents.

The Finance Committee of the Board of Supervisors will be meeting on Tuesday, January 14 to vote on their suggestion for the advertised tax rate for the county. Their vote is generally accepted by the Board of Supervisors at their next meeting, which is Wednesday, January 15.

Once the tax rate is advertised, it will not be raised, only decreased. We need to urge the Board of Supervisors to advertise a tax rate to cover the proposed budget. Contact the board and let them know that's what you want. Let's at least keep it high enough that we can have the discussion on what to fund. Otherwise, the choices are much more limited.

To contact the board, call 703-777-0204 or email them at bos@loudoun.gov.

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