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The Loudoun Education Association is looking for volunteers to help get the word out during the Leesburg Holiday Parade on Saturday, December 14th. Meet at the field adjacent to Ida Lee Park Recreation Center in Leesburg by 9 am. Leesburg streets close at 9:30 am and the parade starts at 10am. Sign up here.
The local press covered the memo released by LCPS Assistant Superintendent for Business and Financial Services Leigh Burden laying out a projected gap based on the County's initial budget guidance.
Hatrick, Burden forecast dark, cloudy budget process | Loudoun Times
Of Expected Budget Cuts, Loudoun Schools Superintendent Warns Of 'Grave Consequences' | Leesburg Today
There were no comments from the Board of Supervisors in either article. Make sure that you contact the School Board and Board of Supervisors to make your opinion known. Maintaining the current per pupil spending rate means $20 million more in funding would be needed for the schools just for expected growth, not including any salary increases, increased benefit costs, or new programs.


LCPS Budget Memo Shows Significant Funding Gaps

This budget memo was presented to the School Board Tuesday night outlining the potential gaps at the current county fiscal guidance of an equalized rate or 2 cent decrease in the property tax rate. It does not look good. Contact your Supervisor and Supervisor York now to tell them to advertise a tax rate that would at the very least maintain our schools per pupil spending rate and preferably raise teacher salaries as well. http://www.boarddocs.com/vsba/loudoun/Board.nsf/files/9DEKKW504665/$file/FY15%20Fiscal%20Challenges%20Memo.pdf


Capital Improvement Plan Proposed

The Superintendent's proposed Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) was presented tonight to the School Board. This is not the Operational Budget, but the plan for building new and improving existing facilities. These are decisions related to the quality of our school system. For example, Full Day Kindergarten is not in the proposed plan but is documented for discussion. The schedule for the School Board discussion and adoption of the plan is below. For the full plan, see http://www.boarddocs.com/vsba/loudoun/Board.nsf/files/9DDVRM820124/$file/SUPERINTENDENTS%20RECOMMENDED%20FY15-20%20CIP%20Document%20for%20WEB.pdf


Get informed Monday, October 28 at 7pm

School Board member Brenda Sheridan is holding an informational presentation on the school budget process this Monday, October 28, at the LCPS Administration building in Ashburn. Please plan to attend. Bring a friend. Get informed and show your support for our schools. http://www.leesburgtoday.com/news/schools/sheridan-hosts-k--funding-info-session/article_a19b3394-3c20-11e3-9c13-0019bb2963f4.html


Take Action

  • Contact your elected officials
  • Attend public meetings
  • Sign the petition
  • Spread the word
  • Leesburg Today: Supervisors Eye $1.16 Equalized Rate For FY15 Budget Opening

    A huge cause for concern: the Board of Supervisors is looking at lowering our property tax rate from $1.205 to $1.16 or even $1.14. How can we maintain quality public education when our schools are continuing to increase enrollment?


    Strong schools. Strong community. Strong economy.

    We are concerned Loudoun taxpayers who believe that quality public education is vital to our community's interests. Specifically, we are concerned that our local elected officials are planning to equalize or cut the property tax rate in Loudoun County, which would cause a cut to our schools' budget of an estimated $40 million. We intend to voice our concerns in order to influence these officials to treat quality public education as the priority we believe it to be.